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Ongoing Projects of B&K Trucking

From Minnesota to Iowa

Specialized Shipping
Multi Axel Truck
Truck With Load

Tanks From Northland Stainless in Tomahawk, WI, Going to Nampa, ID

Double Drop Trailer
Specialized Trailer

Fiberglass Tanks—Wisconsin Rapids, WI, to Port Edwards, WI

Lowboy Trailers
Overloaded Truck
Step Deck Trailer
Extendable Double Drop Trailers
Shipping Truck
Loaded Shipping Truck

Wind Towers From Saskatoon, Sask. to McBain, MI

Grey Loaded Tank Trailer
Truck with Overloaded Tanks
Two Trucks with Tanks
White Tank

Tanks From Wausau, WI, to Salt Lake City, UT

Rough Terrain Crane
Telescopic Crane
Yellow Telescopic Crane
Shipping Tanks
Black Overload Truck
Heavy Tanks for Shipping
Oversized Tanks for Shipping
Truck Backside Shipping Tanks