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Exceptional Transportation Services

Flatbed/Step Deck Transportation Services

Flatbed shipping is our specialty, and high-quality is our standard. Customers can rely on our expertise, gained from working for more than 30 years in the industry, and our various trailers to meet their needs. Our trailers are fully equipped with air rides, tarps, straps, padding, and much more to accommodate all of your load.

Black Tank Trailer
Whether you have raw material or a finished product, your load will always be treated with utmost care and professionalism. Conestoga-style flatbeds and step decks are also available to add a layer of protection to your finished product, omitting the need to use tarps and paddings.

Specialized/Oversized Transportation Services

Various trailers are available to meet your specific needs. Some of them include flatbeds and step deck Conestoga-style trailers. The latter is used to protect sensitive loads and avoid damages that could be caused by tarping. Even without tarps, our equipment can protect your load from any type of weather. Your finished products will always stay intact and look good when you work with us.

Heavy Loaded Black Truck

Those whose loads are bigger than average can also find trailers that are appropriate for their size. From flatbeds to tank trailers, we have what you need. All of our equipment has multiple axles and attachments that can handle your transportation requirements regularly. If your load is still considered oversized, we can manufacture equipment to handle your shipment in our trailer department.

Conestoga Style Trailers

Wind Transportation Services

White Blade Trailer

Transportation services for wind towers and their components is a valued part of B&K Trucking. Wind Tower sections for all manufactures, along with blade capacity up to 75M. Complete project logistics.

B&K Trucking has more than 20 years of experience with transporting wind towers from the factory to the job site. Our drivers undergo strict training before being allowed to deliver any product. Our customers are 100% satisfied with our prompt and damage-free services.


Pilot Car Services

B&K Trucking acknowledges the importance of qualified pilot car drivers when it comes to transporting specialized loads. As such, we make sure that our employees undergo a demanding qualification process before being dispatched. Our drivers are certified in all states and are qualified to be pilot car drivers.
Transportation Vehicles

Currently, we use a fleet of our own pilot cars to ensure the safety of your specialized cargo. If you are interested in our pilot car services, you can request a quote and hire our drivers at specific times of the year.

Project Transportation Management Service

We provide complete transportation solutions and oversee every aspect of the process. From the initial stages of project development to the transportation of final deliveries, we can be of service. We also conduct site surveys, route surveys, and more. You can rely on us to give you a detailed solution for all of your project requirements from conception to completion.
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